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Aqui les traemos los capitulos subtitulados de esta nueva serie estrenada el dia 21 de Junio del 2020 en el canal canadiense TreeHouse. Primeramente les traeremos los capitulos en Ingles sin subtitulos y luego con el transcurrir de la semana los subiremos con subtitulos.

T01 EP01

Princess Probz”

T01 EP02

“The best of the worst”

T01 EP03

“How Applejack got her hat back”

T01 EP04

“Cute-pocalypse Meow”

T01 EP05

“Bad Thing No. 3”

T01 Ep06

“Pinkie Pie: Hyper Helper”

T01 Ep07

“The trial Less Trotten/Death of Sales Pony”


T01 Ep08

“Bighoof walking/The Fluttershy Effect”


T01 Ep09

“The fast and the furriest/Disappearing”


T01 Ep10

“Badge of Shame/Discord´s  Speak”


T01 EP11

“A Camping We Will Go/Campfire Stories”


T01 EP12

“Friendship Gems/ Dol-Fin-ale”


T01 Ep13

“Potion Mystery/Sick Day”


T01 Ep14

“Meet Potion Nova/Pony Surfin Safari”


T01 EP15

“All bottled Up/All that Jitters”


T01 Ep16

“I,cookie/Keynote Pie”



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